Thomas Kolasa

Hi there, I'm Thomas.

After working in data-driven econometric consulting, I fully immersed myself in my technical education and completed a three-month coding bootcamp.

I am merging my statistics and programming skills as a data science fellow at NYC Data Science Academy and looking for a dedicated and ambitious team to join as a data scientist.

Selected Courses


General Assembly - Data Science

This 11-week course introduces and applies data science and machine learning tools and technologies. Students gain experience in data munging, programmatically creating predictive data models, applying probability and statistics, and communicating research results to appropriate audiences.

General Assembly - Web Development Immersive

Full-time bootcamp devoted to learning full stack web development focusing on JavaScript, Node.js, and the Ruby on Rails framework.

CS 50

Harvard's accelerated introductory computer science course, teaching algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, and software engineering. Included C, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


ECON 1030: Psychology and Economics

This course explored inadequacies of economic assumptions of rationality for market participants and institutions. By combining psychology and neuroscience with economic modeling, the course examined concepts such as portfolio choice, auction bidding, saving, procrastination, cooperation, and persuasion.

ECON 1123: Econometrics

Introduction to multiple regression techniques influding discrete response, panel data, time series models, omitted variables, sample selection, and randomized and quasi-experiments, and instrumental variables.

Public Projects


A Ruby on Rails web application allowed users to save beers they try and to post opinions about those beers. This group project used the BreweryDB API.

See the GitHub Repository


This forum satirzed popular fraternity "bro" culture. Implemented with Node.js and SQLite3, this site allowed users to create, read, update, and delete user-generated content. The site also developed a multi-faceted voting system for posts and comments.

Press for an earlier version made with PHP & MySQL

N-Sided Tic-Tac-Toe

This front-end spin on the classic game allowed the user to choose the board's size, creating it with JavaScript, Jquery, and HTML.

See the GitHub Repository

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